Professional Lawn Maintanence Service

Fertilizing Program

Give Your Lawn That Golf Course Look

 Golf courses must look good day after day all season long. How do golf courses keep their fairways and greens looking so good? One of their “tricks” is to follow a sound fertilizer program. By consistently feeding the grass with the right products at the right time, this not only fertilizer but a complete program to manage weed, disease and insect problems.

Let Lawns by Dale create a customized residential/commercial landscape maintenance package to meet all your needs



SPRING: Our spring application consist of a granular fertilizing application which will bring your turf out of winter into full color with growth and color. This application will consist of a pre-emergence herbicide for unwanted crabgrass. We will also post spray any unwanted broadleaf weeds such as clover, dandelion, chickweed, onions, and many others. This service is performed between Feb.and Mar.

LATE SPRING: This treatment is the same as our spring application. It takes 2 applications of crabgrass pre-emergence to maintain control in our long growing season. We however make sure the fertilizer on this application will not burn or harm turf. Generally a spot broadleaf weed control is applied as needed. Lawn should be thick and good color at this time. This service is performed in MAY

SUMMER: Our application here is again a fertilizer application but with a twist. We aren't using fertilizer for growth here but for root growth. This application consist of iron being applied for good summer color and high pot ash for root development. We are applying a post herbicide for unwanted weeds at this time also. This service is done in late June or July

LATE SUMMER/ WINTER: Depending on when your Treatment Program was started we do a liming application either in Aug. or Jan. Lime is a way to increase soil ph. to get the best results of fertilizers. We will make a soil test to determine the amount of lime needed to correct your soil.

FALL: September and October is when your lawn makes a real come back from summer heat. This service consist of a fertilizer to be applied that will help with germination and growth for thick and vibrant color. If you have our core aerating and seeding service in your program this will also be done at this time. Fall is one of the most important and best time to make your lawn a true showplace. What is done now will be noticed all season long well into spring and summer.

WINTERIZER : November or December.  New seeds have germinated and now it is time to give them a push. This application consist of a blast of fertilizer that will maintain good color and vigor all winter long. Your turf will store this fertilizer and with spring warmth your lawn will be greenest first on the block. We are also treating unwanted chickweed and other broadleaf's again at this time. By stirring up your soil the weeds will try to emerge but this treatment will stop them before they are even noticed.

Common Problems in Lawns:

Broadleaf Weeds are perennials that return every year. Examples of broad leaf weeds are clover, chickweed, dandelions, and thistle. A dense, thick, healthy lawn is the best way to reduce broad leaf weeds in a yard. Most broadleaf weeds need to be killed with a broadleaf herbicide, contact Lawns By Dale for more information.

Crabgrass is an annual grass that begins to show in late June and thrives in hot dry conditions. Crabgrass turns purple in color later in the season but dies out in the fall. To prevent crabgrass, a pre-emergent should be applied in early spring.

Grub damage in lawns appears as large irregular sections of brown turf that detaches without effort. Unlike turf damage by drought or excessive fertilizer turf will peel away like carpet. Grub control should be applied in July or August when adult larva is near the surface.

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