Professional Lawn Maintanence Service

Grass Seeding

We only use premium certified grass seed.
The seed is customized to your requirements in order to address problems like disease, insects or poor color.  Always be sure to read your seed label to make sure of what you are getting.  We will be happy to show you our seed tag anytime.  The label gives you lots of information.  Seed Type, Germination, inert materials and yes weed seed too.  If you read any of our labels you will notice that our seed contains NO WEED SEED.  I am always amazed at why people will go to the Bargain Discount Houses and buy Weeds.. Then spend money to try and get them out of their lawn many years later to come.   You may pay a little more for better seed but its worth the difference in the long haul.

 We strongly recommend aeration prior to seeding. This helps break up any thatch layer, reduce soil compaction and the cores of soil act like a top dressing when they break down.